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Ten easy steps to speed up your marriage

  • 2019-03-15 20:36:54

  • Express your desire to get married - It is not a taboo to tell your parents that you want to get married, even if you are a girl. It is all about how you say that matters. Do not turn it into a dispute but reason with them. 

  • Make Dua -  A person who makes dua at tahajjud will always be positive and hopeful of goodness. 

  • Let your mother and father spread a word in their circle - The swiftest and safest choices can be within the circle of parents and other elders because they know the groom or bride and their family background, thus half investigation done.

  • Make a very appealing but simple Profile about yourself - Do not let your profile be like your job CV. 

  • Do not be fussy about your choice- Remember, the best people are found among the average and simple ones. Fairies and princes are only found in stories. 

  • Help you parents to trim down the expenses as much as you can - even if it means you have to strike out your friends from the list of invitees. Discuss with them. 

  • Do not keep wandering on the profiles on matrimonial websites - Keep your choice simple and your search too. Do not get carried away by awesomely drafted profiles. 

  • Insist to meet the potential groom or bride - Interview but do not interrogate. Do not dig out information but just try to check nature through your question and answers. Keep it a short session.

  • Do Istikhara - A noble tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him) 

  • Consult elders and then decide- Trust Allah- it is His command to consult others.

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