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How does life change after marriage

  • 2019-03-15 20:47:45

Nostalgic moments 

You were your father's favourite. Now every second you feel like going back to him. You do visit my parents often but every time you visit them you know that you are going to leave them again. Now you have to ask permission when ever you need to visit my home

 You used to wake up late at mom’s home. Now you have to wake up early.

You never did a single work at  home. Now you do everything she asks you to do.

Whenever  you are in the process of cooking, i f burn my hands accidentally (when  new to cooking), it  always reminds you of your mother, who used to shout at you for burning hands and rush towards  to apply ointment 

On the saddle of love and care 

The husband loves you to the moon and back more than your friends and relatives. He supports, understands, and protects you. Many mothers in law are very sweet. She may be  a widow and does not have any income. At your mother’s place your parents used to give you money, now you have give  money to your mother in law every now and then. Whenever you and your husband go out to eat, you insist to take her something for her to eat. You put your complete efforts to make her happy. 

Taste changes

In your home, your mom used to make only that food that you liked, and the  whole family used to eat the same thing which brother always used to complain about. Now  you eat whatever your mother in law make or asks you to make.

A new world without parents

Marriage changes everything! It changes you, your lifestyle, your hobbies , your eating habits your friends and your perspective of marriage.

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