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For newly married Young Men - Few Rules to win the Trust

  • 2019-03-15 20:49:28

Do not spy - 

In this age,  everyone is spending more time with their mobile nowadays. Be it FB, Insta, Twitter or whatever. Most of us use them for viewing entertainment contents  or useful stuff like recipe. If your wife is spending more time online, it doesn’t mean it has to be chatting with someone else. Spying her will make things worse not better. Never ask or try to know about her past. If she is spending more time online, don’t peep into her mobile and look for the information of whom she is talking with. Everyone has privacy. It could be that she is chatting to her sister, friend or a cousin who are you non mahram. 

Accept her as she is - 

Don’t expect a woman to be as exactly as shown in the porn that you have watched ( if you have watched ) or the actress on screen who look prettier than fairies. They are professional actors who do lot of make ups  to make them look stunning. Don’t expect the same from your woman. Everyone is unique!

Don’t grade her bad

Don’t judge her character if she is asking for more intimacy and if she is being explicit in expressing her sexual desire. She is being expressive with you because you are her MAN! Not all the woman, who who express without hesitation are characterless.

Patch up after fights- 

 You will have fights, she might back reply you.  After a few kids,  she will go out of shape, strength. Try to have the same feelings as you are having right now as a newly wed. There will be times where you will think like, “life will be better without her”. During those times, remember, “Nobody is perfect!” and “Every relationship will have bitter periods”. All we have to do is figure out how to get rid of the problems and not how to get rid of your partner! Get rid of Shaytan who incites fights between spouses.

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